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Versatile warm brown pigment. Color: Warm BrownBase: OrangeColor Temperature: WarmRetention Rate: 60-80%Application Method: Light, airy, and superficial. When tightly laid, turns coolApplication of Diluter: RequiredReaction to Laser Removal: Doesn't like laser and turns redReaction to remover: Good without side effects.Volume: 10mlIngredients: Aqua, Hamamelis, CI 21095, CI 21160, CI 77266, CI 21290, CI 11741, CI 77891, CI 21108, CI 56110 About Brovi+A line of finely dispersed pigments for permanent makeup of the eyebrow area. The main difference from the main line is warmer, more concentrated colors and a more liquid base, with fewer fillers.*Due to a huge spike in the cost of goods we have increased our pricing. Please note prices could increase higher if things do not stabilize.

Roasted Chestnut Brovi+