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Nano Masterclass

June 2nd -4th  2022

9:00am to 6pm

Berkeley, CA

Get ready for 3 full days of game changing machine hair stroke techniques.  You'll learn from Maya and Mary two global Nano Queens.  Learn Mary's Signature "Nano Lines" technique and Maya's Signature Nano Hybrid Technique.  

This Nano Master Class is perfect for any microblading or ombre brow artist looking to learn the nano technique.  If this is you, then you don't want to miss this event!

Nano Webinar

Date TBD 

Free Online Zoom Training 

Join Maya and the MooreBeautyLove team as they share some of their best practices when it comes to creating beautiful nano machine hair strokes.

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Micro Class - 162.jpg

Practice with Maya

Next Date TBD 

FREE Zoom Event

Breakout your pmu machine or microblade tool to practice along side of Maya as she works through her hair stroke patterns on her newest hair stroke practice skin.  


Mastering Previous Tattoos

Next Date TBD

FREE Webinar Event

Join this class to learn the right techniques for better success when working with clients with previous tattoos for more predictable and beautiful results.

Eyebrow Treatment