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Charm Brows 
Nano Hair Strokes

April 12 - 13th 

Berkeley, CA

Charm Brows hairstrokes technique is a new style of PMU presented by Katarina Lupsinova.  The technique is focused on absolute hyperrealism. It is created by machin, which is used to create fine hairs in the eyebrows, giving them the perfect shape and volume. With this technique we can correct asymmetry, eyebrow density, give clients elegance and charm, but the eyebrows should look airy, fluffy and natural. It is a top trend in the PMU world. With CHARM BROWS training, you will learn a unique technique of eyebrow measurement that has clear rules in each procedure that makes the overall look of the eyebrows different from the classic shape.  The goal is to rejuvenate the look of our clients. The procedures and steps for the brow shaping are thought out in detail and come directly from the author of the technique.


One Pass Microblading

April 24th 11am PST

Online Zoom Training

Join this interactive live virtual training with Maya Moore Master Artist and Instructor at MooreBeautyLove Studio and Academy as she demonstrates the latest hacks to simplify your microblading process".  You'll practice along with her and pick up quick and easy ways to shorten your service time all while achieving amazing healed results!

maya2548 (1).jpg

Nano Webinar

Next Date TBD

Free Online Zoom Training 

Join Maya and the MooreBeautyLove team as they share some of their best practices when it comes to creating beautiful nano machine hair strokes.

Micro Class - 212.jpg
Eyebrow Treatment

Mastering Previous Tattoos

Next Date TBD

FREE Webinar Event

Join this class to learn the right techniques for better success when working with clients with previous tattoos for more predictable and beautiful results.