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The Bay Area's #1 Trusted Permanent Makeup Studio  


For over 7 years MooreBeautyLove Studio has helped our clients restore and enhance their beauty and confidence by providing them with the most natural looking flawless results through permanent makeup. Our team of well trained artists work with every client to provide them with a custom look that's tailored to their own unique preferences and needs. 

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Expert Services You'll Love


Luxury Nano Brows

The nano machine hair stokes procedure is a premier pmu service that creates hair like stokes in the brows.  This service can provide retention up to two years or more after the initial touch up is complete. 


Ombre Powder Brows 

The Ombre Powder Brows technique creates beautifully pixelated brows with a machine and is ideal for clients who like more filled in brows, or who have previous tattoos.  This service is typically best for oily skin clients.


3D Microblading

The microblading service is a semi-permanent technique that creates hair-like strokes into the skin with a manual tool.  This service will last for up to 18 months depending on your skin type and is best for non-oily skin clients.


Combo Brows

This service offers a combination of machine hair strokes and shading.   This service is perfect for clients with oily skin, previous tattoos or those who desire more density than microblading or nano strokes alone. 


Cover Up Existing Tattoo

If you've had a previous microblading service or brow tattoo by another artist not a part of our team this service is for you.   With this service we will recreate the shape or give you a completely new shape you'd like by covering up the old tattoo and create a completely new brow design.  


Color Boost

A color boost may be needed to revitalize your look and make minor adjustments to your design.  This service is restricted to previous MBL clients. Clients are eligible for color boosts if their brows are at least 50% lighter than their tattoo post their last session.   


Tattoo Removal

If you've had a previous brow tattoo and your brows are still very dark and you want to remove the previous tattoo, then tattoo removal might be your best option prior to receiving a new cover up service.


Initial Touch Up Session

After your initial service, you'll need to finalize the process after your brows have fully healed.  This service is reserved for recent clients of MBL within the last 8 to 12 weeks.  Only request a touchup appointment if for some reason you did not schedule your initial touch up at your previous appointment. 


Lip Blush 

The lip blush service is perfect for any client looking to retain a natural looking color for their lips without the need of applying makeup on a daily basis.  Some of the benefits include long-lasting lip color, increased pigmentation for pale, fuller-looking lips without need for injectables or surgery, enhanced lip symmetry and color correction for scars or uneven pigmentation.


Tiny Tattoos

Discover the perfect blend of sophistication and style with our fine line tattoo service, tailored to bring your unique vision to life. Whether minimalist symbols, delicate florals, or personalized fine line art, our team is dedicated to delivering exquisite results with a gentle touch.  Each tattoo is not only beautiful but also long-lasting.

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Lash Services

 Our initial lash services include classic, hybrid and volume set applications.  Ongoing maintenance includes our lash fill services.  To make an appointment or to learn more about any of the services and policies please book with Tanisha. 


Wax Services

Our studio offers a variety of waxing services exclusively with Taniesha Hampton.  Face waxing services include brow waxing, lip, chin and cheek waxing.  To make an appointment or to learn more about any of the services and policies please book with Taniesha. 


Lamination and Tint

Services include brow lamination, brow tinting, lip, and lash lift.  To make an appointment or to learn more about any of the services and policies please book with Taniesha. 

 Our Team

Dedication and Experience You Can Count On


At our permanent makeup studio, we uphold the highest standards of excellence to ensure every client enjoys an unparalleled experience. Our meticulously maintained studio reflects our commitment to elegance and precision. Each of our artists adheres to a rigorous process that aligns with the industry's stringent safety and sterilization protocols, guaranteeing a safe and luxurious environment for all our esteemed guests. 

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