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Lavish Nano


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Lavish Nano

On Melanin Rich Skin 

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Nano Machine Strokes and Shading

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Lavish Nano On Melanin Rich Skin


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Maya is truly the best microblading educator in all of the San Francisco, Bay Area. Once I saw her portfolio, I was completely sold! I knew I wanted to be as good as her and that I wanted her to guide me. I would recommend her to everyone who is interested in Eyebrow Microblading! I will always be forever grateful for the tools she she gave me and will continue to use them to follow my dreams.  


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I usually don't do online classes, but I couldn't pass up being able to learn from Maya!  I've been wanting to take her class for a while.  I'd honestly say this one was really informative and worth my time.  Everything was explained in a very detailed yet easy to grasp way.  Plus she's been available to me after for questions. I can't wait to add this skill to my service. 

- Ifeoma 


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