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Combo is Queen

Nano Machine Hair Strokes and Shading

Advance your nano machine hair stroke  and shading skills by learning this beautiful combo brow technique. 

You will wow your clients when you offer them the nano combo technique!

What You'll Gain 

Better Healed Results

Learn the secrets of the best after care products and learn new techniques that will provide your clients with the best healed results.


PMU Skills

Stand out from the competition by learning  game changing combination techniques and diversify your client portfolio. 

Learn New Combo Patterns

Get best practices  and  tips on how to design and create various combination brow patterns.

Post Training Support

Stay connected with our team and receive post training support for continued learning and advancement. 

Course Topics



What is the nano combo technique

Learn the definition of the nano combination technique and how it can benefit various skin tones and textures. Get clarity on the differences between nano machine hair strokes and nano- blading. 



Good Candidates for The Nano Combo Service

Find out which clients are the best candidates for the nano combination technique and which are not. Learn how to appropriately apply the technique depending on your client's skin tone.  



A guide to laying hair strokes

Get the specific keys you'll need to know in order to create nicely defined hair strokes at the front of the brow that will blend nicely with the rest of the shaded brow.  Understand how to appropriately use this technique when working with clients with oily extremely oily existing skin conditions. 



A Guide to Shading

Watch and practice along with Maya as she shows you the incorrect and correct ways to shade. You'll learn how to seamlessly apply this to the combination technique as she demonstrates the exercise with her rotary PMU device. 



A guide to Line Creation

This section is all about depth! Here you'll get some of the most common questions answered about needle depth and just how deep you should be in your client's skin in order to achieve the best and safest results. 



Products and Tools

Find out about the best aftercare procedures for your clients and the top recommended products for them to use for the best healed results.