Learn the Right Brow Mapping Secrets to create the most balanced looking brows


No matter how challenging, gain the confidence and speed you need to brow map and design any client's face. 

What You'll Gain 

Best Practices for Mapping Asymmetric Brows

Learn the best tips and techniques for mapping    a client with one high brow and one low brow". Find out how to create true balance for the most natural looking effect. 

Learn How to work with Client Brow Abnormalities

As top PMU Brow Artist you're going to need to know how to work with the toughest cases.  Learn how to best work with clients with conditions that have taken away their brows.

How to map and design for different face shapes

Find out everything you should know to successfully design your clients brows based on their unique face shape and design preferences. 

Multiple Brow Mapping Demonstrations

Watch and learn as you will be provided with a variety of client examples to see how various brow mapping techniques are applied given each unique scenario. 

Course Topics



Balancing Brows

The Foundation

In this section you'll get insight in the various roles the eyebrows play for our face, and certain unique characteristics you should pay special attention to as a brow artist. 



What Brows Mean to your customer

After watching this segment you'll learn important tips and best practices for designing brows based on various client face shapes as well as considering their design preferences based on various cultures influences.