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Choosing the Best PMU Cartridge Needles: What You Need To Know

When it comes to performing permanent makeup procedures, having the right tools is essential for achieving excellent results. Among these tools, PMU cartridge needles play a crucial role in ensuring precision, efficiency, and the best long term results for your clients. In this article, we will explore the factors to consider when selecting the best PMU cartridge needles for your permanent makeup practice.

Needle Configuration

The first aspect to consider is the needle configuration. PMU cartridge needles come in various configurations, including round, flat, and curved. Each configuration offers unique benefits depending on the desired effect and the procedure you're performing.

  • Round needles: Ideal for creating precise lines, filling in small areas, and defining eyebrows or lip contours.

  • Flat needles: Suitable for shading, filling in larger areas, and creating soft gradients.

  • Curved needles: Specifically designed for achieving natural-looking hair strokes in nano brows hair stroke services.

Understanding the different needle configurations will help you choose the most appropriate option for your specific technique and desired outcome.

Needle Size

With the size of the PMU cartridge we look at the diameter of the needles and the amount of the needles in the cartridge.

The size of the PMU cartridge needle is another crucial factor to consider. It determines the thickness of the lines or strokes and affects the overall result of the procedure. Generally, smaller needle sizes are preferred for intricate work, while larger diameters are suitable for broader coverage.

  • Fine needles (e.g., 1RL or 3RL): Perfect for detailed work, such as eyebrow hair strokes or eyeliner.

  • Medium needles (e.g., 5RL or 7RL): Versatile for both precise lines and filling in larger areas.

  • Magnum or large needles (e.g., 9M1 or 11M1): Great for shading and filling in broader spaces.

The choice of needle size depends on the specific procedure, client preferences, and the effect you aim to achieve.

Needle Quality and Hygiene

Opting for high-quality PMU cartridge needles is essential for both the artist and the client. Reputable manufacturers prioritize the use of top-grade materials, ensuring that the needles are sterilized and meet safety standards.

Disposable cartridges are widely preferred in the industry as they eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and provide convenience. Always ensure that the needles are individually packaged and sterile, adhering to proper hygiene practices.

Compatibility with PMU Machine

Ensure that the PMU cartridge needles you select are compatible with your chosen permanent makeup machine. Different machines have specific needle systems, such as screw-on, click-on, or twist-lock, so it is crucial to check compatibility before purchasing cartridges. Universal cartridge can fit within a variety of machines. Generally digital machines don’t take universal cartridges can only take a specific type of needle.

Reviews and Recommendations

Consider reading reviews and seeking recommendations from fellow professionals or trusted sources in the permanent makeup community. Valuable insights from experienced artists can provide guidance in selecting the best PMU cartridge needles that suit your specific needs.

Needles and Potential Skin Trauma

Single thinner needles like the 1rl can cause more trauma to the skin if an artist has not been properly trained nor has the experience performing services with that particular needle. It’s important to know that all needles can potentially cause skin trauma however the 1rl has the most potential because of its direct impact to the skin and ability to penetrate faster. Cartridges with multiple needles are less likely to cause trauma because the skin can collectedly absorb the pressure of the needles with balanced distribution.

Less trauma needle would be 3rl , 5rl or mags.

Trending Needles

Lookout for the Elevated 7 Mag which is one of the latest needle cartridge innovations. The Elevated 7 Magnum allow artists to work perpendicular to the skin and whip in a single line without angling the cartridge to isolate one row of needles like with traditional magnums. Our unique design features four wide spread flat needles and three lower stabilizing needles that do not touch the skin. Since there are two rows we place this cartridge in the magnum category; however it’s a FLAT needle at heart .

Checkout the Zola Elevated 7 magnum a universal cartridge needle perfect for creating pixelated and saturated lines, excellent for shading and color packing compared to the 1rl. The elevated 7 mag is also great for eyeliner and lip blushing services.


Selecting the best PMU cartridge needles is vital for achieving exceptional results in permanent makeup procedures. By considering factors such as needle configuration, size, quality, compatibility, and seeking recommendations, you can make an informed decision. Remember, every artist has their own preferences, so it's essential to experiment and find the needle type that works best for your technique and style. With the right PMU cartridge needles in hand, you can confidently create stunning and long-lasting permanent makeup for your clients.

Want to learn even more about needle cartridges and configurations? Join our free upcoming webinar “Uncovering PMU Cartridge Needle Secrets” on July 31st at 4pm pst. Click here to register.

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