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Why Machine Nano Hair Strokes Might Be a Better Option than Microblading Brows


If you run a quick search on Google for microblading eyebrow service, you might get about 16 million or so results. And who knows what the number might be now at the time you are reading this article. The point is microblading is a hot trending topic in the beauty industry and probably will be for a long time to come as many individuals are leveraging the service to change their life and their daily routines. The thought of being able to wake up to beautiful brows every morning without all the fuss work before you hit your daily grind is a game changer. On average, those who are good candidates for microblading can reap the benefits from it for up to a year with good color retention. While the microblading service is still yet extremely phenomenal, an emerging version of the microblading process is on the rise which can promise even more sophisticated and natural looking eyebrows with longer lasting color retention with less risk. Enter the “Nano Brow Machine Hair Strokes” service.

Microblading vs. Nano Machine Strokes?

So, you might be wondering which service is better for you or might not fully understand what the big difference is. Let me explain. With Nano Brow Machine Hair Strokes the process is simple and is accomplished through the work of a highly skilled artist utilizing a high performing permanent makeup machine.

But before we dive deeper into Nano Brow Machine Hair Strokes, first let’s talk about what is microblading?

Manual microblading is a process that involves using a small handheld tool to implant pigment into the upper dermal layer of the skin in hair-like strokes that mimic the natural appearance of eyebrows. There are many terms out there for this service such as 3D Brows, 6D Brows, eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow tattooing, and feathered brows. Essentially these are all the same service but called by different names depending on who you are speaking with.

What’s also important for you to know about the microblading service is that it can be better suited for some skin types than others.

For example, normal to dry skin types are perfect candidates for microblading. However, if you have oily skin, microbladed eyebrows have a higher chance of fading or creating blurred strokes over time due to the skin’s high production of oil and absorption of the pigment.

As an artist or a potential client searching where to go for microblading service you should be aware that because this service requires cutting the upper layer of the skin, there is a higher risk for error because you have only one opportunity to get the pigment into hair stroke. Your skin is like a sponge and it has a limit to how much it can absorb.

An Example of Nano Brows Which Last Up to 2 or 3 Years

When a hair stroke with pigment is initiated into the skin the possibility of outside elements such as the numbing agent, water from wiping the brows or even lymph fluid and blood can dilute the pigment which can result in poorly healed strokes or premature fading. A top microblading artist can reduce the likelihood of this happening but the possibility is still there.

Contrary to microblading on eyebrows, the nano machine hair stroke service avoids these types of risk altogether. The Nano services allows you to have fully saturated hairs stokes with better retention, less trauma to the skin, and provides you with a smoother healing process. Nano machine strokes applies the pigment to the skin without cutting into it. As a result, the nano machine strokes last longer because the device is able to implant more pigment into each hair stroke.

If the machine nano brow service is something you’re really interested in, you’ll have to go through a brief screening process similar to the microblading service to ensure there aren’t any contraindications. See a list of contraindications here.

The Process of Creating Machine Nano Brows

The nano machine strokes services goes through the similar process of microblading. Your technician will take you through the steps of drawing and mapping your brows just like you want them prior to starting the actual service. Once you confirm, the technician will numb your brow area with numbing cream to ensure there is little to no discomfort and then the nano brow strokes begin. This process can take up to three and a half hours so be prepared to set aside the time.

Does the Machine Nano Brow Service Hurt?

Everyone’s tolerance for pain is different. That being said, most clients who received this service didn’t report experiencing much pain and some equated it to receiving eyebrow waxing.

Remember, numbing anesthetic cream is added to your brow area prior to the service starting so that you can relax comfortably while you undergo your transformation. However, if you do experience any discomfort, let your technician know so that they can make any necessary adjustments.

The Healing Process and Aftercare

Equally important to your PMU Microblading Artist being really good at what they do is your ability to follow the rules of the game after your procedure is complete. This will greatly determine the outcome of you having the best healed nano brow results.

During the healing process your brows might feel slightly itchy and there may be some light scabbing.

Don’t worry this is all a part of the process! You will be given ointment by your technician that you should apply daily to your brows to help calm and lightly moisturize the brow area which will help with the healing process. The entire healing process should take about 10 days. In addition to applying the ointment, during this window of time it’s extremely important you follow theses set of rules listed below.

1. Avoid direct water contact to your brows for at least 10 days.

This means if you are leaving for vacation where you plan on enjoying water activities then you may need to wait for this brow service or change your vacation plans! This also means if you’re into hot yoga or any other physical exercise that will cause you to sweat and get your brows wet then you’ll have to put that activity on hold over the next several days.

2. Don’t pick at your brows if there is scabbing.

Although with the Nano Machine Brow procedure scabbing should be minimal you still should not pick if in case this does happen. Picking can remove pigment from the skin making the color not last.

3. Avoid direct sunlight, which also means no sun tanning at the beach or tanning salon.

4. Don’t apply any makeup or chemicals on your brows so that your brows can breathe and heal properly. This is key to you retaining maximum color.

Touch Ups and Long-Term Results

After your initial session you will need to come back in for a touch-up usually within 8 to 12 weeks. This will allow your artist to check your healing progress and color retention. This time will also be used to fill in or adjust the shape of your brows if requested. Touch up appointments typically last about 30 minutes to an hour.

After successfully completing your after-care and attending your touch-up appointment the long-term results are you waking up to beautiful brows up to the next 3 years. Pretty awesome right? No more needing to take the extra time filling in your brows every day. Now you can choose to use the extra time however you please.

Depending on the color retention in your brows you may decide to come back prior to 3 years to receive a color boost. It’s completely optional and based upon your preference. The next session should be rather simple and should take less time than your original appointment assuming that you go back to the original artist who performed the service and that you want to keep the current shape of your brows.

What’s the Cost?

Word to the wise, anyone thinking about getting a semi-permanent makeup service done to their face or skin; this isn’t the time to be cheap. Nor is it the time to try saving a buck or two in sacrifice of good and safe service. That being said, prices for this service can vary by artist and location. The main thing you want to do is validate your artist work by reviewing their portfolio and ensuring they have completely educated you about the service prior to you agreeing to have it performed.

It’s also really important they have health permits that may be required by the county or the city governing agency in which they do business. I can’t underscore these factors enough. Should you decided to skip out on price to find someone that’s less qualified, you’ll surely be paying twice the cost of this service later to correct what wasn’t done right the first time.

Do your homework, ask for referrals and make sure you’re comfortable. Once you’re ready you can expect to spend about $700 to $1000 dollars, again depending on the location and artist.


Microblading is still a top PMU brow service that’s helping to change the daily lives of many individuals. However, Nano Brow Machine Hair Strokes is an emerging trend that you should be aware of that’s just as good, less intrusive to your skin, and can offer you even better results.

The requirements to receive the Nano brow service is very similar to microblading as well as the healing and aftercare process. Remember it’s very important for you to adhere to the aftercare process as this will impact how well your brows heal and retain the pigment.

The service last up to three years but you can revisit your brow artist for a touch up sooner if you start to see fading based upon your preferences. It’s always good to do your homework prior to you having the service to ensure you’ve selected the right brow artist for you.

Are you a current microblading artist? Have you heard or tried learning about Nano Machine Hair Strokes? Or are you a customer thinking about the microblading or Nano Machine hair strokes service? Let me know what questions I can answer for you.


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