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How to Continue to Build Your PMU Client List

So you've successfully built your client list. That's great! But now is not the time to get comfortable. So what should you do next after building a solid list?

Now its time to start thinking about how you turn your one time clients into influencers that will advocate for your business. Here are the 3 steps to take to ensure your client list is always flowing.

1. Build Deeper Relationships with Your Clients - Communication is key!

You must understand that your interaction with your clients goes far beyond just the service you provided them. You are in a lot of ways forming a relationship.

It's important to stay connected with your clients even after the service is over. Make sure your clients know how to get a hold of you either through phone or email so that they can communication with you and ask questions. After the service is over is where they need you the most. You don’t want them connecting with Google or Yelp for the answers or for a place to vent frustrations, instead they should be connecting with you.

The better you get at forming relationships and staying connected the more clients you'll see knocking at your door.

Also consider making a check in call weeks or even months after their appointment just to see if they are still seeing great results. You'll be surprised but this really does go a long way in how you make your clients feel.

Clients whose lives you've changed by providing them with transformative services plus forming deeper relationships will give you the catalyst you need to continuously stay busy with clients on your schedule.

The communication does not stop at the consultation or even after they have left their appointment. This step is the game changer. This is what will set you apart in the industry - communication! The goal of this step is to guide them through their whole process from start to finish. Remember to follow through in this step especially. This is how you will keep your clients coming back.

2. Staying Connected Socially

Depending on how your clients found you, its always a good idea to request that they follow your social media account. This is another great way to stay connected. You should also consider asking the client to share their experience on social media to their followers and tagging you. We realize that not every client is on social media, however for the ones that are you never know what level of influence they might have and how that might create future opportunities for business for you when others see your great work.

Be sure you understand your client's demographic and which social platforms they utilize. As we have spoken about in other blog articles its important to take an omni channel approach so that you're not overly reliant on one platform alone. This will allow you to reach more clients and create more opportunities for your business.

3. Use a Good Booking System

Using a good booking system is very important to building and maintaining your clients. Although within the permanent makeup process clients typically don't need to be seen for another year or more, you still should have a good booking system that can help you keep track of your clients and send reminders out when it's time to see them again.

Remember you worked hard for those clients and have built a relationship. Your skills and relationship with them is proven and now its a much easier process for them to return when its time for their color boost appointment. As you continue to build your business and establish yourself as an artist you'll come to see that you'll have a health clientele list of reoccurring customers in additions to new customers that have likely been referred by your existing customer base. This whole process is made simple by an effective booking system that can help manage the operation.

There they are! The 3 steps to take to ensure you can continue to build you client list so that your book is always flowing.

By following these steps not only will you accumulate amazing clients, you'll also grow your business.

Maya Moore

Master Artist and Instructor @ MooreBeautyLove Studio and Academy

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