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Insider Tips to Growing Your PMU Business

Updated: Jan 29

If you're like most entrepreneurs and aspiring PMU artists you're constantly looking for ways to grow your business and clientele. In my opinion one of the biggest mistakes any artist can make is to get comfortable and think they "have arrived" and not seek to keep growing as a professional.

Over the last several months I've implemented these three tactics in my business and I've been able see significant results which helped me improve my skills as an artist and generate more revenue for my company. Take a look at the summary below.

Use a Multi-Channel Approach

When posting images or video of your work, try a variety of social platforms to diversify where you can attract clients. However, if you are experiencing a lot of success on Instagram for example, by all means keep your energy and attention there. But don't limit yourself.

Use multiple channels to reach your customers

Platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Tik Tok and others can be just as effective once you learn the strategies of how to attract and engage your target audience on those particular sites.

The idea behind diversification through a multi-channel approach is that you want to have a variety of different platforms creating opportunities for you to showcase and eventually sell your products and services. This tactic will be extremely important as you look to grow your business. As you implement this it's a good idea to track and monitor where you are seeing the most success.

Be Different

Don't be afraid to be different. As an artist and entrepreneur you have to think of ways to be creative and think outside of the box in order to separate yourself from among the competition. Find new ways to showcase your work or creating memorable experiences for your customer so that they are absolutely blown away and impressed from the time they enter until the time they leave your studio.

Putting your creativity in a box is a big no-no, especially in our industry. Just think about it, your next big idea could be the next big trend everyone chooses to follow.

Here's an example of a creative video I created capturing a compilation of brow reveals. See how happy my clients are?

Leveraging Data from Your Customers

If you're in business for yourself having a basic understanding of data analytics is an absolute essential to your business success. Analytics is all around us as we use data every day to help us make informed decisions. So where do you start? For our line of work it's really important to get feedback from your customers. After completing a service be sure to follow up with your customers through email or text to request their feedback on Yelp or Google. As you can see in the Yelp and Google links, I've set up a way for customers to give me feedback right on those pages. I can then take the feedback or data to help me make decisions on how to continue to refine my services.

Of course, this data also serves as good sources of information to perspective customers thinking about requesting my services as they review the customer feedback.

Leveraging and understanding data is just the tip of the iceberg but this is something you definitely want to start incorporating.

Below is a great visual for you to reference that offers even more tips.

What are some of your thoughts on the points mentioned? What other things have you done to grow your business and build clientele?

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