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Accelerate Your PMU Skills and Boost Your Revenue with the Right Mentorship and Coaching

MBL Brow Bosses... An Elite Membership Group for the Serious PMU Artist


I'm Maya Moore. For the last 8 years I've been helping aspiring and current artists start, grow and scale their permanent makeup business while helping them perfect their technique.  And now I'm ready to help you too!

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Get The Secret Sauce On How To Grow A Successful PMU Business And Continuously Level Up Your Artistry Skills 

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Want Insider Tips To  Accelerate The Growth Of Your PMU Business?

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About MBL
Brow Bosses

Level Up Your Skills. Grow Your Business. 

Becoming a certified PMU Artist is one thing, but knowing how to uniquely polish and showcase your skills so that you can grow a successful business is an entirely different ability.  The truth is the most accomplished artists are those that have mentors to help guide and show them the right way to sustainable long-term success. 

MBL Brow Bosses is a PMU accelerator group designed to help current and aspiring artists achieve real results through monthly coaching, mentorship and networking. 


Led by Master Artist and Educator Maya Moore and her pro team of artists and professionals, this group is uniquely positioned to help you reach new heights in your PMU endeavors

Get Expert PMU Advice Delivered Right To You That's Simple, Easy And Affordable

Take a sneak peak at one of our coaching sessions... 

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