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Microblading, Nano-Blading and Nano Machine Hair Strokes, Why You Need to Know the Difference

Microblading vs Nano Machine Hair Strokes

When you think of permanent makeup, the first thing you probably think of is microblading. A wildly popular service, microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that involves placing hair-like strokes of permanent makeup pigment into the top layer of skin on your eyebrows. The artist may use a .16/.18 diameter blade to create thin strokes that resemble brow hairs. It’s completely customizable so your ideal brow shape and thickness can be created.

However, there’s another method of creating perfect brows with permanent makeup, and it’s called nano machine hair strokes, not to be confused with the term “nano blading” which is the same as microblading.

Nano machine hair strokes uses a permanent makeup machine with an ultra-fine needle to deposit pigment into the top layer of the skin, creating precise, natural-looking hair strokes. So now having properly identified the two hair stroke permanent makeup techniques for your eyebrows, the question comes, which method do you choose?

Read on to see which one might be the best fit for you!

Why is Nano Blading the Same as Microblading?

Let's first go back to the statement made earlier that nano-blading and microblading is essentially the same technique with a variation in name. So why are they the same? The keyword to keep in mind here is blade. Micro and nano both are similar in that it implies something small or thin.

The same is true for the word blade. The blade is the actual tool or instrument used in creating the hair strokes in the client’s skin.

Skin Type

Your skin type is the most important factor when choosing a permanent makeup application style.

Microblading or nano blading works best on clients with dry skin, since the hair strokes will remain crisp and sharp. Clients with oily skin will likely experience quicker fading and spreading of pigment when requesting this technique and therefore their long term healed results won’t be as sustainable.

Nano machine hair strokes are a better option for clients with oily skin and large pores. It’s also an ideal service for clients with dry-skin, making it the most versatile option! The hair-like strokes created with the nano machine are more resilient to pigment migration.

To reiterate, if you’re a client looking for service just remember if you request the nano technique to understand the difference between nano blading and nano machine hair strokes. Nano machine hair strokes and nano blading are not the same, and be sure your artist knows the difference as well!

Style Preference

The next thing to consider is what style of brow you are looking for. This is something you can work with your artist on since they’re trained to see what would look best on your face with your approval of course!

If you’re a client wanting bold brows with crisp lines and a well-defined arch, nano machine hair strokes would be perfect for you. With this technique your artist has a variety of tool options to choose from to achieve the look you’re going for.

If you’re looking for clean, thin lines and you have dry skin, microblading is also an option that can give you beautiful, natural-looking results. But know that nanomachine hair strokes can achieve this for you as well. So it's important to understand that both techniques are great, but it's more important to know what technique will be best for your skin.


How long you want your brows to last is also a factor. Both methods are semi-permanent, and brow styles change, so it’s important to choose a method that provides the longevity you want. Microblading lasts for approximately 18 months with the proper aftercare, and nano machine hair strokes can last from 18 months to 2.5 years.

However with both options your brows long term retention and healed results will also rest upon the skill of your artist applying the right techniques.

Healing Process

The healing process also differs for both styles, and your skin type plays a role. Dry skin heals and retains pigment the best. Sensitive skin will experience more swelling and will remain pink and sensitive for several days longer. Oily skin will heal well, but the pigment will spread more easily.

A well-trained microblading or nano machine hair strokes artist will know to place the strokes farther apart on a client with oily skin to minimize how much the hair strokes spread into each other once healed.

Microblading clients will experience more scabbing than nano machine hair stroke clients due to the difference in the way the pigment is implanted into the skin.

When it comes to the pain level during your appointment, while everyone’s pain tolerance is different, neither technique should bring tremendous discomfort.

A topical anesthetic is applied during microblading services, and in a lot of instances during the nano service no numbing is needed since the service is less invasive to the skin. In either circumstance a skilled PMU artist will make sure you are comfortable before, during and after the service.


Microblading and nano machine hair strokes do have different price points. With the nano machine requiring much more training, skill, and precision, it tends to cost a little more than microblading. It also lasts longer, which means you don’t have to come in for touch-ups as often as microblading.

However, the price of both application styles depends on the PMU artist you choose. The more skilled and tenured the artist, the higher the prices. It’s worth it! You’re paying for skill and semi-permanent brows that will look great for a long time. That said, there are other artists that don’t have the same tenure but are very skilled and can give you an amazing set of brows at a discounted price.

Our Studio

At MooreBeautyLove, we pride ourselves on continuing education and always improving our craft. We offer a variety of classes for PMU artists to further their skills. From masterclasses to business growth coaching, we have it all.

Because of how dedicated we are to education, our permanent makeup artists are the best of the best. Regardless of which style you choose, our artists will make sure you leave with flawless brows that fit you.

Do you have more questions about the microblading or nano brows technique? Leave a question or a comment below or Contact us today to see how we can achieve the brows of your dreams!

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