Best PMU Machines For Permanent Makeup Artist

No matter if you’re a new artist entering into the permanent makeup industry or an experienced veteran, knowing the importance of a good quality PMU tool can’t be overstated enough. A big part of providing beautiful results for your clients is utilizing the right PMU machine to help you execute flawless techniques during your services.

If you are looking for permanent makeup equipment, chances are that you have seen a variety of different options with varying price tags.

Though this is fairly common, the reality is that permanent makeup machines come in a variety of different options and it can sometimes be tough deciding which tool is best to purchase. In this article we’ll discuss what some may consider to be the best permanent makeup machines on the market and some that may not be so great. Hopefully by the time you’ve finished reading this post, you'll be able to make a much more informed decision on which is the best permanent makeup device for you. And remember to read through to the end because I have some bonus tips for you about what to avoid when buying a new machine as well as clues that might mean you need to retire the one you have.

Ok so here we go....

Digital Wireless PMU Machine

This device gives the artist complete comfort and control while working. Not only can it easily provide you with a mostly wireless experience, allowing you to work anywhere rather than remaining stuck near a wall, but it also provides artist with a variety of technique options so that your clients get the eyebrows of their dreams no matter what they are looking for.


● Wall-Free Power Design

● Long Battery Life

● Various Speed Options

● Comfortable Design


● Still Dependent On Some Wires

● Higher Price Tag Than Some Other More Affordable PMU Machines

● Sometimes the hit of the needle in the machine can be to light (user preference)

This machine often is private labeled by other retailers and can be found a few places on Amazon.

Rotary PMU Machine

If you are looking for complete freedom and Instagram-worthy brows, look no further. This incredibly popular wireless permanent makeup machine is easy to enjoy working with. With this device, you can enjoy a fully wireless experience or work with it plugged in depending on your preference and power needs. It is lightweight, easy to use, and even comes in a beautiful professional design.


● Comfortable Pen Design

● Works For Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and More

● Durable Metal Frame

● Makes Nice Ombre Powder Brows


● Pigment Can Dry Inside Pen

● Not the Best Option for Machine Hair Strokes (To Much Needle Movement)

● Because of the wireless top battery the weight isn't evenly distributed on the machine, which can make it challenging for artist to hold the hand piece.

● Batteries for this device tend to need to be replaced frequently.

This machine is also private labeled and offered from a variety of sellers on Amazon. So if one seller does not have it available keep searching for others who may have it in stock.

Universal Micro-Pigmentation PMU Machine

For artists who love to create beautifully pixelated eyebrows, this is a product that will suit your style. This machine comes in an adorable colored design that fits comfortably in your hand. With it, you can expect to create consistent and well-filled brows that offer an incredible powdered look. It also comes in at a nice low price that makes it easy to invest in. However, don't get this machine confused with this other device that looks very similar and doesn't come equipped with a safety cartridge to prevent back flow and the spread of blood borne pathogens.


● Comfortable Pen Design

● Nice Affordable Low Price

● Great For Ombre Brows, Eyeliner, and Lips

● Wireless machine that comes with a safety cartridge to prevent back flow.


● Requires Specific Needle and Cartridges and has a short battery life

● Does not have a lot of options for speed settings.

● The device and cartridges are not easy to find at times.

● Does not have a lot of needle options and limited cartridge configurations

Check out me demonstrating ombre brows with the above devices in my Best PMU Machines Under $200 Video

BIOMASER Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine Kit

For those artists who are looking to invest in a high-quality machine that is also affordable, this is a great product to try out. It offers an easy to use setup, an exciting digital platform, and an ergonomic pen design that makes it easy to get right to work. This complete kit gives you everything that you need to get started making perfect brows immediately.


● Complete Kit Provided

● Multiple Settings

● Practice Setting

● Available For Use With Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Lips


● Some Technical Complaints About Batteries

● Made For Beginners Rather Than Seasoned Pros

● Some Clients Report Scabbing

Dr. Pen Ultima M5 Pen

Microblading machines come in all shapes and sizes, but this one feels distinctly professional. It is able to help you with a wide range of helpful features and offers many benefits to the skin of any client, including skin rejuvenation and scar removal. It is easy to use and perfect for machine microblading, permanent eyeliner, and more.


● Short Healing Time

● Stimulates Skin Rejuvenation

● Safe For Use On Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Lips

● Friendly For Sensitive Skin


● Lacks Instructions On Use

● Requires Some Research Before Use

● Difficulties With Customer Service

Blue Sky Digital Device

The Blue Sky Machine is another higher quality touch screen digital device that’s provides several options for its use in PMU. The hand piece provides very good power which allows you to perform nano machine hair strokes, lip and eyeliner services. This is a great machine if you are starting out in either of those services and is built to last you in the long term as well with its continued use.


· Comes with various needle sizes and adjustable speeds

· Can use for hair-strokes, powder brows and other PMU services

· Powerful hand-piece that can help you provide quality work

· Light weight and durable frame.


· The needle can some times catch in the skin if you're not careful.

· The needle doesn't absorb enough pigment at times so you may need constantly re-dip

· Power supply is sensitive and can sometimes cut on/off without pressing the button

Amiea Devices

The Amiea permanent makeup machine is the creme de la creme of all permanent makeup devices. If you are an experienced artist and ready to take your PMU skills to the next level Amiea is the device for you. The device is manufactured in Germany and only sold by select distributors throughout the US. Below are some of the great benefits of Amiea.


· High Precision, strength and needle speed

· Extremely quiet, lowest vibration possible

· Carefully balanced hand piece, excellent grip and ergonomic design

· Digital display, with hygienic, easy-care surface

· Two- year guarantee for the hand piece


· On the pricy side if you’re not looking to spend the money on a top-rated machine.

· A very exclusive device so at times it may be difficult to find needed supplies.

Interested in financing an Amiea device? Click here to submit a request and to learn about our financing options.

Now that I've shared my thoughts on a few of the popular PMU devices out on the market, I want to wrap up by providing just a few more pointers. But before doing that, I am completely aware that there are a lot more other machines out there I didn't cover. If you didn't see one of the devices you were hoping to learn about check out my video review where I cover 13 PMU machines. I go into detail about each one and share what type of performance you could expect from each.

And now for the bonus points I mentioned at the beginning. Here are some really important things to keep in mind before making a purchase.

4 Things To Avoid When Shopping For Permanent Makeup Equipment

There are plenty of wonderful permanent makeup machines that are currently available on the market, but some products simply aren’t right for everyone. Though the machine that you use will likely be something for you to decide for yourself, there are certain factors that you should consider when you look for a new device.

1. Machines with Very Limited Needle Configurations

Some permanent makeup artists are surprised to learn that all makeup machines come with different needle configurations. Though there are some more common than others, it is important to do your research to ensure you're purchasing a machine that offers you the variety you'll need. A single point needle deposits less pigment vs a needle that has a multiple configuration needle has the ability to deposit more pigment into the skin.

2. The Ones with Shorter Battery Life

If you like working free of cords and plugs and your services tend to be lengthy, then you'll want to be sure to find a device that can give you the extended charge you need without cutting out on you. Also if you tend to have a machine that needs to stay plugged into the wall it might limit your body positioning and not allow you to maneuver the right techniques.

3. Limited Settings

There are plenty of PMU machines that offer a wide range of brow settings, so why settle for one that only offers one or two? The more that your machine can do, the better you can help your clients to get the brows that they have been dreaming of.

4. Bad Ratings

This one should go without saying, but it is important to pay attention to. While there are a wide range of permanent makeup machines available, not all them are good ones. Consider the reviews that the device has before you make your next purchase to understand some of the key complaints and determine if its something you could live with.

If you currently have a PMU machine and are on the fence about purchasing a new one then here are 5 points that might help you land a good decision.


As an artist, you will find that choosing the right pmu machine is critical to your success as an artist and the quality of work that you will be able to produce. Doing your homework by taking time to speak with other artist, read product reviews and maybe even going as far as to try out lesser expensive machines to get a feel for how they operate are good starting points before settling on a particular machine. After doing this you should be able to determine which is the best pmu machine for you and the services you provide. Also as you begin to grow as an artist you'll be more comfortable investing in higher quality machines that will for sure help you take your craft to the next level.

What's pmu machines have you used or are currently using? Which device has given you the best results? Feel free to share in the comments or ask a question about anything covered in this article.

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