5 Tips to Gaining New Microblading Clients

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Okay, so if you're a current microblading artist or someone preparing for microblading training, keep reading. This is just one of many articles I will share to help you quickly grow your clientele so that you can start to see a return on your investment after being trained in microblading or any other PMU brow technique.

As a new artist it's super important for you to start building your portfolio of brow clients so that other potential customers can get a sense of the type of work that you do. Also if you're a new artist its probably good practice to showcase your work in the skill you might be the strongest in.

In other words, if starting out you're really good a creating beautiful Ombre brows but still might be in the process of perfecting your stroke patterns with microblading for now it might be better to show you Ombre brow client results. In the short run this will help you jump start your client list until your expand your expertise.

Now, I have 5 additional tips I want to share with you below that will help you grow your client list. Let me know your thoughts. Are you doing any of these and are they working for you? Do you have any others that have helped you? Feel free to share!

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