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The Bay Area's
Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Signature Services

MooreBeauty blend

microblading service
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Cover Up

Your Brows Will Thank You! 

Standard Semi Permanent Hair Stokes Tattoo Service Last Up to 1 Year


Our Signature Service!

A Combination of Hair Strokes and Shading on our Specialized Machine. 


Tattoo Gone Wrong!

Have a Previous Microblading Tattoo You Want Fixed? No Problem At All! We've Got You Covered. Literally.

$600 and Up

A Personalized Touch 

"I care about the success of all my students.  It's important to me that you not only feel comfortable but confident in your ability to produce amazing brows."


Brows Deluxe Student Testimonials

Brows Deluxe Student Testimonials

"I recommend this training course to all my brow friends looking to get a good head start in the industry and a thorough knowledge of microblading".

Maya is an amazing microblading instructor!  She is so passionate about Her passion shows through her work and her willingness to educate people.  Maya helped give me the knowledge of microblading and has helped me along every step of the way during my learning experience. She is very professional, personable, and real.  Her continuing support after the training course is priceless!  She is really a dream to work with and have as an educator!  -  Amanda Vcardi @mandyoh

"I Highly recommend this class.  Even after 4 days of training, the education and encouragement never stops". 

Maya is an amazing teacher and advocate for business entrepreneurs.  She creates an atmosphere that is real and filled with motivation.  Even as a Master Artist, she continually seeks more education and researches to find the highest quality products.  Although her class is 4 days, she keeps in contact with her students and has created a network where she shares her new information.  She holds the truest value of what a teacher and mentor looks like.  - Amanda Brosias  @Brows_by_Nannz

If you are thinking of taking her course do it! You won't regret it! 

I chose to train with Maya Moore simply because of her talent to makeover beautiful brows and attention to detail!  When I learned about Microblading in 2016, I knew I had to take the course. Coming from a background in Makeup Artistry, I was very picky with who I wanted to train with, especially in the Bay Area.  There were a few in Sacramento and LA, but I also am a mother of two, so traveling a far distance was impossible.  Also, the training that I did find in those areas was NOT the type of art that I wanted to learn.  When I found Maya on Instagram, saw her beautiful works of art, I knew she was the one!

Her training was in the Bay Area, her work was on point, and the pricing was just right for my budget.

I took her class in June 2017, and after taking her class, I was right about everything! She knew what she was doing, she was very thorough with her training techniques and she never left any detail out! No secrets, just a REAL GOOD TEACHER!

I was so sad to have finished her class, all because I’d miss her.  But I was also happy to embark on my new journey as a Microblade artist.  And since then I grew my business rapidly, in a span of 8 months, I was able to quit my full time job at Google and work full time as a Microblade artist, calling all the shots and making my own time! It has dramatically changed my life, and most importantly, my family’s life!

Having grown my art and business, I’ve been ask numerous times if I teach Microblading, I just refer them straight to Maya! So If you are thinking about taking her course, DO IT! You won’t regret it! ❤️  - Julie C.  @3Dbrowdoctor

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