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Our precision tip universal cartridges are the latest addition to the Zola family. Designed with a longer and thinner needle tip and diversion trench for increased ink absorption, needle stability, and line of sight when you’re working. Zola Precision Tip cartridges have sharp surgical stainless steel needles with impressive flexibility and excellent ink flow for fast skin saturation. Safety is essential! Each cartridge is sealed and includes a full safety membrane system to prevent back flow of any ink/blood contamination to your machine. The 11 U Shaped single row magnum is excellent for fast line saturation. Details: • Long taper needles• Precision tip increase pigment flow and needle stability• Surgical stainless steel needles• Medical grade plastic cartridges• Full safety membrane system for back flow prevention• E.O. (ethylene oxide) gas sterilized• Universal cartridge compatible with most rotary tattoo machines ( not digital machine compatible)

Zola Precision Cartridges 5 Flat 0.30mm


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