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Help absorb pigment and make the color penetration better. Make the color more even after smearing on surface of tattoo and make more slim lines.

  • Lock colors
  • Prevent the loss of color.
  • use after the tattoo operation in 2 minutes.
  • Play a very important role during the operation.
  • repair gel is essential for permanent makeup operation.
  • the operation wound can heal quickly.
  • no scar, no decoloring.


  • BFGF factor, Helps repair and moisturize the skin.
  • Effective color stability prevents decoloring
  • After the tattoo&pmu operation, use this for 3 days will help the wound quickly heal without scars and decoloring.


  • use it after tattoo operation.
  • Cover the wound with this product through the cotton swab evenly.

Package list:

  • 1pcs Fixed-line agent

Fixed-Line Agent


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