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Perfecting Powder Brows  

Master The Latest Powder Brow Techniques for Better Healed Results and More Repeat Clients!

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The session will be recorded and shared for replay for those who purchase.

July 15th  
4:30 pm to 5:30 pm pst 

In This Training You Will Learn

The advantages of modern powder brow techniques over outdated ombre methods

 Unlike outdated ombre shading methods, new innovative powder techniques create a softer, more natural look that clients love that don't resemble hard makeup applications.  As the world of PMU evolves, staying ahead with the latest advancements is critical. In this training you'll learn how to deliver the subtle, desirable look more and more clients will continue to request so you can keep them coming back for more. 

How To achieve a contemporary soft powdered effect with pixelated finish 

Get ready to leave your potential clients drooling and ready to stand in line for your services when they see you’ve mastered this trending technique. With this service you'll continue to diversify your clientele and brow skills while gaining the respect of fellow artists.  The ability to master this technique will  allow you to work with  a range of clients with previous tattoos or those who may not be a candidate for nano brow hair strokes.  

How to have more repeat clients through achieving better healed results

Gone of the days of the saturated glam instagram style brow.   Experience has taught us that heavily saturated powder brows eventually turn or age very cool.  And the longer pigment stays in the skin the uglier it looks which means they are harder to retouch.  Ultimately this translates to you losing potential revenue because it takes twice as long for the client brows to fade and  your repeat business won’t be able to come back as quickly as you’d like.  Simply put softer brows can equal better healed results with the right techniques. 

About this Training

You won't regret attending this power packed  1 hour hands on training with the team from MooreBeautyLove Studio and Academy as they break down the latest light and fluffy powder brow technique. 

If you are a PMU artist looking to stay in the know and want to keep your skills sharp then this live class is for you.   Don't get stuck and left behind performing outdated powder brow services that more and more people are moving away from.  Be among the first standout artists who are learning to transform their skills and achieve amazing retention and while stepping up to the demand of new client request.

Prepare to jump aboard to go where the industry is headed or you might run the risk of being left behind!  


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This Training Is For You If...

  • You want live direct feedback and coaching on your technique with industry leading instructors and artists.

  • You want to attract a diverse clientele so you can continue to expand your portfolio and grow your service revenue. 

  • You want to transform your powder brows skills and learn the latest innovative shading techniques.  

  • You want to be on the cutting edge on how to get better healed results through implementing a softer approach that not many artist know about. 


What You'll Need

PMU Machine

Cartridge Needle .30ml or higher  

Practice Skin




Something to wipe with like vaseline or pigment remover solution

Sponsored By 

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about MooreBeautyLove 

MooreBeautyLove Studio and Academy is tenured permanent makeup company located in the SF Bay Area.  Led by  Maya Moore a globally recognized  permanent makeup artist and instructor with over 20 years experience in the beauty and PMU industry.  

More about Maya

Maya has spent the last 10 years perfecting her craft as a PMU artist passionately educating the industry about the importance of good healed work.  She often has graced the stage as a prominent speaker in many international PMU conferences around the world in addition to being a competitive judge in brow competitions.  She's also the creator of the one and only Zola PMU machine and Zola elevated 7 magnum which allow artists to perform just about any PMU technique with comfort, ease and agility. 


About Our Trainings 

With over 17 different permanent makeup certifications, Maya and her team have trained thousands of students worldwide in their specialized techniques. By leveraging advanced blended learning principles, we help every student achieve PMU mastery and take pride in knowing that our students have the highest success rates.

As an international speaker Maya loves to share her knowledge with other like-minded artists who are passionate about brows and other permanent makeup techniques that yield the best long term healed results. 

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Register Today 

July 15, 2024 | 4:30pm - 5:30pm  PST 

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