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Taking Microblading 101 with Maya was the best decision I ever made for my professional career! From the moment Maya and I connected, I felt comfortable with her. Her knowledge and her passion has motivated me to grow. I recommend training with Maya  not only because of her amazing skills and her enthusiasm, her willingness to stay with you and share innovative new ideas while continuing to train you. She is a caring mentor.  @wowbrowsbyjess


Erin D

I choose maya for  my Microblanding training for many reason . Her work and her dedication to the art form of Microblading  really impressed me. Her technique and skills where something that I wanted to inspire to be. Her class size is small and I feel when you are learning a skill like micro blading that you need  a small intimate setting to really get the most out of the class . Maya teaches the whole class and her dedication to working towards you being a successful artists is priceless.  What I loved most about the class is she teaches you skills that give you the confidence to be successful Microblading Artist when you walk out her Door.

I did take a class before maya and it was big class Setting and i didn’t have the confidence I needed to start right away and after being in maya class I have the confidence and skills to be successful artist. I owe it all to her . 

The instructor I had before you to it was kind a false advertisement because she didn’t teach the whole class and it said that she was going to be teaching the whole class but I didn’t want to talk about the other school so much

Also wanted to put that you continue be there for me when i need guidance but was not sure if you wanted to advertise that . It is a Super fantastic part about having you as a trainer. @saveraasalon

Tremiya B. 

I chose Maya because she had the best work I've seen.  I've taken training from other instructors before and I left feeling like I didn't learn anything nor was I wasn’t confident. I would recommend Maya's class to anyone who wants to learn this skill. She made it very easy to grasp the concepts and made it fun but still very professional.  The curriculum made perfect sense and if someone wasn’t sure of something Maya would go back and explain to make sure it was understood. I loved the class! 

I also chose Maya because her name came up multiple times when asking around (I.e highly recommended)



Kim R. 

My name is Kim and I took Maya’s microblading course with Jovance back in October of 2017. I took a one day microblading course with another company in September of 2017 which I was promised that I was going to be confident enough to microblade and start taking clients the next day. That was absolutely false and matter of fact, I was terribly fearful of ruining someone’s face. I left that course with a lot of unanswered questions and dissatisfaction. It was a total waste of my money and I wanted to call it quits. I found Maya on Instagram one day and decided to reach out to her for a professional opinion. She assured me that you cannot learn every concept of microblading in one day, it is impossible. She explained to me what her class offered and all the fundamentals such as; depth theory, color theory, pigment selection, tool selection, proper sterilization protocol, etc. Once I saw her portfolio, I was completely sold! I knew I wanted to be as good as her and that I wanted her to guide me. I decided to sign up for her four day class and it was by far the best decision I have ever made. To see someone who is so passionate about what they do and to have the willingness and patience to pass on her knowledge to students who hope to one day be as good and successful as her. It made me truly admire her. Her humbleness, patience and encouragement is what got me through it all. She answered every question I had, gave me the reassurance I always needed and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. She was there for me even after I completed the class and always offered me to come to other classes if I ever wanted a refresher, she allowed me to come shadow her and still gives me support whenever I need it. Maya is truly the best microblading educator in all of the San Francisco, Bay Area. I would recommend her to everyone who is interested in Eyebrow Microblading! I will always be forever grateful for the tools she she gave me and will continue to use them to follow my dreams.



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