The  Student Kit is currently for sale to current registered students of a Brows Deluxe Course or Lavish Nano 3 Day Course.  Once purchased your kit will be distributed on the first day of class. No shippments will be provided for this product.  Please do not purchase unless you've already registered as a current student for either class. 


Student Starter Kit

    • Student Course Workbook 

    • Blue Sky Digital Device

    • Blades

    • Pigments

    • Japanese Brow Pencils

    • Blade Sharpener

    • Anesthetic Cream

    • Anesthetic Gel

    • After Care Cream

    • Manual Hand Tool

    • Permanent Make up Machine 

    • Student Manual & Workbook

    • Disposable Hand Tools

    • Eyebrow Shaver/Razor

    • Color Wheel

    • Surgical Markers

    • Pigment Rings & Cups

    • Forehead Adhesive Ruler

    • Practice Latex Skin


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