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We are in love! A pocket size, wireless, FULL power supply that connects to your machine with an RCA cable. This is an excellent option for artists who do not like the added weight of a wireless battery, but still want to avoid a cord that must be plugged into a wall socket. With up to 8 hours of power you'll have the freedom to create your best work!Included: Included (RCA Cord, USB type C charging cable, warranty card and instruction manual)Features:• Touch screen operations• Lightweight pocket sized power supply.• Consistent power delivery • Automatic shut down feature• Magnetic Base• Compatible with a RCA or DC connection Specs:Working voltage: 4.2v- 12v DCCharging Time: 3 hours (Please charge for 5 hours before the first time use)Battery Life:  Up to 8 hours (depending on voltage and hours in use without powering off)Weight: 78.5 g ( 2.75 oz)

Touch Screen Pocket Wireless Power Supply

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