This Nano needle offers the same benefits you already know from our other Nano cartridges while adding extra precision and guidance. Even beginners can achieve extraordinary natural results.  All of our Nano cartridges make it possible to get comparable results to microblading but with reduced scarring risk.


“The added tube enhances the drawing of extremely precise lines. This new special cartridge stands out from all the rest.“ (Elena Nikora – Master Trainer amiea)


NANO NT Amiea’s innovative cartridges have patented special safety membranes to prevent backflow.   Additionally, thanks to Amiea’s high quality standards, trauma to the skin is kept to a minimum.  Less injury, better color insertion and optimum outcomes.



10 Cartridges 


  • Configuration 
  • 1- Liner Cartridge
  • Needle Diameter
  • 0.25 mm, .35mm stainless steel casing
  • Application 
  • Ultra fine hair strokes, eyeliner, eyelash enhancement, lips

1- Nano NT


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