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Fine-particle black ink for working in the eyelid and lash line area. Suitable for working with all Fitzpatrick phototypes.

Should be used pure. Contains iron oxide red (CI#77492) in an extremely low concentration to prevent the ink from turning brown, and also for the iron oxide red to act as a corrector. Thanks to this additive, the healed result will always be black, and the low concentration of inorganic red pigment will not make the color cooler over time.

No diluent is required for filling the lash line or for making a clear eyeliner. For the eyelid shading, the manufacturer recommends adding 1 drop of diluent to 5 drops of ink.


Color: Black

Base: Black

Type: Inorganic

Retention rate: 90%

Volume: 10ml

Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Isopropyl alcohol, Benzyl alcohol, copolymer compounds, CI#77266 (Pigment Black 7), CI#77491 (Pigment Red 102)





Inorganic BROVI ONE contains 50% less black pigment than other inks.

A unique homogenization (mixing) technology allows us to get stable brown ink with significantly less use of carbon black (Carbon Black CI#77266).

Modern, purified from benzo[a]pyrene and safe Carbon Black (CI#77266 — Pigment Black 7) and pure, micronized iron oxides are used in production.

The cosmetic base is assembled on purified water (without salts and impurities) with the addition of isopropyl and benzyl alcohols — in such a mixture no bacteria can survive. These alcohols increase the sterility of the ink, prevent inflammatory processes in the skin and make it extremely safe for the human body.

The ink does not dry out. This property is provided by copolymer compounds. Suspension property modifiers ensure ease of working with ink and improve the penetration of pigment particles into the skin.

The ink is easy to