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Mastering Previous Tattoos  Masterclass

Crushing Previous Tattoos

The Ultimate Training Bundle

The most comprehensive online training program designed for permanent makeup artist to master the skill of working with clients with previous tattoos.

3 Monthly Payments of $199

Crushing Previous Tattoos

 The Ultimate Training Bundle

Early Bird Pre- Sale !

1 Time Payment of


What the Great Permanent Makeup Artist Do...

As a PMU artist I know we all love it when we get the opportunity to work on clients with the perfect skin and without a previous tattoo.  However, we know that the reality is as permanent makeup services become increasingly more popular we will need to be prepared to work with the toughest cases.  A lot of times this can mean working with clients with previous tattoos.  At the end of the day no matter the challenges that may come from dealing with previous services, all the truly great artist do one thing.  They find a way to rise above the challenges to deliver a beautiful result that can potentially change the life of their clients for the better. 

Crushing Previous Tattoos online training provides artist with an array of tools, tips and techniques in 6 robust modules so that you can walk away fully equipped to handle any client that may present the toughest previous tattoo scenario. 

This Training Is For You If...

  • You want to have greater success and more predictable results when working with clients with previous tattoos

  • You want to have the confidence to take on more clients that may have a previous tattoo and appropriately manage their expectations. 

  • Want to be able add additional revenue opportunities for your business. 

  • You want to learn quick and simple less invasive techniques to cover or remove previous tattoos seamlessly. 


What You'll Gain From The Training

Master the color correction process

Color correction is one of the most complex but yet most needed skill every PMU artist must have.  Prepare to be among some of the most knowledgeable artist when it comes to this topic after taking this course.

Tools to Easily remove any tattoo with less Fuss and Stress

Learn the techniques that help you stand out from the rest of the competition after learning the most cutting edge removal techniques.

Learn How to Better Manage Client Expectations

Your best client is your most educated client.  After completing this course you'll have the right know how to properly educate, and manage your clients expectations when dealing with an old tattoo.

Advanced Combo Brow Patterns to Cover Previous Tattoos

Get the right skills so that you can effectively cover any old PMU when the situation calls for a particular combo technique.

Course Modules



CRC Tatoo Removal

PMU Artist! This is your chance to learn about this minimally invasive bio - chemical system that can easily remove unwanted pigment from any area of the skin.  With this technique you no longer have to turn away clients whose pigment may still be too dark for a corrective service. This service can also open up an entirely new revenue stream. 



Harmonizing Color

After taking this course you'll never lack the confidence about color correction or choosing the right warm or cool pigments again.  Be prepared to dive deep into all the complexities of color theory, and learn how to appropriately apply that knowledge when using correctors and modifiers while working on clients with or without previous tattoos.  



Balancing Brows

Not every brow is created equal. Which in that case you'll need to know the right methods and techniques to use when mapping your clients brows so that you both get the results you were looking for. Sometimes eyebrows can be twins, or cousins, or barely even related. This course provides you with a variety of best practices and advanced skills for dealing with some of the most difficult brow mapping  scenarios.   



Combo is Queen  Part 1

This two part training series is designed for those  looking to learn how to create the most beautiful combination brow patterns not only for covering previous tattoos but for any client. You will learn how to create some of the most flawless brow patterns using the best microblading, and shading combination techniques as well as micro-shading. 



Combo is Queen

part 2

In this second series we will dive in again into various combination techniques and will provide up close service demonstrations with narrated voice over. You will the learn the step by step process into creating the Nano Shading and Nano Hybrid Techniques which creates very beautiful full looking hair strokes with the use of a permanent makeup hair strokes and shading machine. 



elevating the client experience

Your best client is your most educated client.  In this course learn foundation principles to help best manage your client expectations while providing consultations about correcting, covering or removing a previous tattoo.  

Course Resources

Course Workbook

Take notes and follow along with the presentation in your downloadable workbook complete with course transcript and tools. 

On Demand Content On Any Device 

Access the course content at any time and at your pace. Take quizzes to test your knowledge. Communicate with the course instructor for further support.

Certificates of Completion 

After you've successfully completed the course, download and print your certificate. 

Multiple Case Studies

Learn from a variety of cases to help better prepare you for future clients so that you'll know exactly what to do.




I absolutely love CRC remover it's the best remover I've ever used when dealing with clients with previous tattoos.  



Maya has so many methods to learn from when dealing with previous tattoos I've been able to up my revenue and take on the most challenging clients.



Maya and the MooreBeautyLove Academy gave the best education and training when it came to a variety of PMU techniques for best dealing with old PMU. 



Maya shared the best techniques that helped me feel more confident when working with clients with previous tattoos. From color correction to combo styles I now have the necessary tools for greater success. 

A Summary of the Value for What You'll Receive! 

CRC Tatoo Remover Course


Harmonizing Color


Balancing Brows


Combo is Queen Part 1


Combo is Queen Part 2


Elevating the Client Experience 


Total Value $2,215

3 Monthly Payments of $199

Crushing Previous Tattoos

 The Ultimate Training Bundle

Early Bird Pre- Sale !

1 Time Payment of


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