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Training Outline

Day 1 - Hair Stroke Fundamentals and Brow Mapping

  •  Color Theory and Brow Creation

Day 2 - Hair Stroke and Shape Practice, Ombre Fundamentals

  •  Brow Mapping, and Safety Practices 

Day 3 - Microshading, MooreBeautyBlend and Instructor Demonstration

  •  Pigment Selection, Client Aftercare 

Day 4 - Student Live Model Practical

  • Graduation and Certificate Presentation

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Course Outline

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Jan 11-14th 2021




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"Maya is an amazing microblading instructor!  She is so passionate and it shows through her work and her willingness to educate people.  Maya helped give me the knowledge of microblading and has helped me along every step of the way during my learning experience. She is very professional, personable, and real.  Her continuing support after the training course is priceless!  She is really a dream to work with and have as an educator"!  

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"I've taken training from other instructors before and I left feeling like I didn't learn anything nor was I wasn’t confident. I would recommend Maya's class to anyone who wants to learn this skill. She made it very easy to grasp the concepts and made it fun but still very professional.  loved the class"! 

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Training Outline

2 DAY TRAINING - $2,195

Day 1 - Machine Ombre Fundamentals and Brow Mapping

  • Color Theory and Shading Techniques

  • Hand Positioning, Creating the Perfect Pixel and Brow Symmetry. 

Day 2 - Student Practicals

  • More Brow Mapping, Safety Practices  

  • Ombre Certification

1 DAY TRAINING - $1,295 

Day 1 - Ombre Instruction and Instructor Demonstration

  •  Ombre Certification

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Course Outlines

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Upcoming Dates

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Prior to starting any in person course get immediate access to on-demand training and start learning right away after enrolling in your in person course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the course included a starter kit?

No, however you can purchase a kit at an additional cost. Click Here to Purchase Your Student Kit. See the list below to see what's typically included in the kit.

  • Blades
  • Pigments
  • Japanese Brow Pencils
  • Blade Sharpener
  • Anesthetic Cream
  • Anesthetic Gel
  • After Care Cream
  • Manual Hand Tool
  • Permanent Make up Machine
  • Student Manual & Workbook
  • Disposable Hand Tools
  • Eyebrow Shaver/Razor
  • Color Wheel
  • Surgical Markers
  • Pigment Rings & Cups
  • Forehead Adhesive Ruler
  • Practice Latex Skin

What if I need to cancel my seat in the class, can I get a refund or move my date to another class?

There are no refunds after you've paid your deposit or the cost of the course. If you'd like to move your reservation to another date with available seats you may do so by sending in a request to info@themicrobladinginstitute.com

If I place a deposit when is the full amount due?

Dending on when you paid your deposit we will send you a notification 2 to 3 weeks before the start of class about your balance due. For more questions about balances and final payment dates send a request to info@themicrobladinginstitute.com

Will I receive a certificate of completion for this course?

Yes all students successfully completing the training will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

What if I am signed up for one of the courses and would like to take another course instead?

If you would like to change course selections please reach out to us right away to discuss your options. Send an email to info@themicrobladinginstitute.com

Do I get access to online training when I sign up for an in-person course?

Yes. Whether paying just your deposit or paying for the course in full gives you immediate access into the online portion of the course so you can start learning right away.

Finance Your Education 

In addition to deposits and one time payments we offer flexible financing options.

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