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Symmetry Secrets: The Very Best Practices for Brow Mapping Your Clients 

Enhance Your Brow Mapping Skills in This One Hour FREE Webinar Training

August 28th  
4:00 pm to 5:00 pm pst 

In This Training You Will Learn

 How to Create the best shapes based upon various eyebrow structures

Delve into the anatomy of eyebrows, understanding their different components and how they contribute to the overall shape. Learn how to work with different brow types and textures to achieve the best results.

Symmetry vs Asymmetry and how to achieve the most balanced looking brows

Uncover the delicate balance between symmetry and asymmetry in brow mapping. Learn when and how to apply each approach to achieve the most natural and flattering results for diverse face shapes.

What are  the best mapping tools and how to use them to get optimal results 

Dive into the array of tools used for brow mapping and understand their applications. From calipers to thread, explore the pros and cons of different tools and how to choose the right ones for your technique.

How to use the thread method to create the thinnest cleanest mapping lines

Find out how leveraging the thread method can give you the most cleanest looking lines and the precision you need to create a beautiful brow design.  In this session you'll practice with us to create mapping lines and simulate the thread method . 

About this Training

"The Symmetry Secrets free webinar" is your compass to navigating the unique brow mapping challenges faced by permanent makeup artists alike.  From precision symmetry to embracing distinctive face contours, this webinar is tailored to refine your mapping technique, helping you take on the toughest client face shapes and canvases.   In this session you'll review some of the fundamental techniques as well learn advanced principles.  But the true fun comes with the interaction as you'll get to experience hands on virtual training with Maya Moore and Ebone Fields as they walk you through and teach you about some of their latest innovations with the thread method that's helped them to achieve the most balanced looking brows for their most toughest clients. 

You'll leave this training with the secrets you need to achieve the aspiring transformative results for your clients leaving them fully satisfied and in awe of their new look. 


Square Stage

This Training Is For You If...

  • You struggle when it comes to mapping brows that are not symmetrical and want to be more comfortable when mapping clients with a high and a low brow. 

  • You want a deeper understanding of brow anatomy,  and the various components that can contribute to the overall shape you should provide for your clients during the brow mapping and design. 

  • You want simple best practices on how to deal with the complex challenges when trying to map different face shapes and how to provide the best harmonious design for your clients face. 

  • You want to learn an easy to follow mapping process that can deliver consistent beautiful results no matter the face shape or brow canvas. 


What You'll Need

  1. A tablet device with device pencil.

  2. Download the Pro Create App


  1. Download the practice worksheet to follow along and participate in class.  

  2. A pencil with eraser.

  3. A ruler

about Maya

Maya has over 20 years experience in the beauty industry and over 8 years as PMU artist. She has a degree in Marketing and Communications and has over 17 different permanent makeup certifications.  She's trained 1000's of students internationally in her specialized techniques and is the owner of MooreBeautyLove Studio and Academy a leading permanent makeup company in the SF bay area. 

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Register Today 

August 28, 2023 | 4pm - 5pm  PST 

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